Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Got Dice??

Do you love playing math games with dice as much as I do? It is such an easy way to differentiate your math instruction. However, I was always digging down into my big canister of dice to get the right dice for the right game or to match the dice with the students. I knew I needed a better solution.... Tada!!!!

This used to organize plastic letters for Word Work during The Daily 5. However, my students have their own magnet boards with letters, so I decided to donate the plastic letters to my friends in first grade and organize my dice in the container instead. I have a variety of dice and this lets not only myself but my students see exactly which ones they need and where to put them back. I also have some bingo chips and pennies in there for cover games or Bingo.
Our class also likes to make up games so at the top we have wooden blank dice that with a Sharpie and some imagination we can create the dice we need.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.


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